Final Fantasy VII Remake is updated days before its sequel and one change has to do with Tifa

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is launched this week, on Thursday, February 29, on PlayStation 5 , and just days before Final Fantasy VII Remake is updated in all its versions, both on PS4 and its Intergrade version on PS5 and PC.

Square Enix has released this update without prior notice and without officially communicating press releases. On Steam, it is updated to version 1.003 , which only adds “Fixed several bugs” in its statement . 

On PS4, it’s version 1.03, and some extra patch notes talk about “fixed crashes, freezes, framerate drops, stability, and other minor changes” (via @JediStreaming ).

Tifa’s appearance is one of the changes in this unexpected update

At least one change from the update has been discovered. And it is a very large patch, 4,652 GB, according to PlayStation Size .

It has been shared by the “Tifa Every Day” account that shares daily photos of Tifa Lockhart, and has discovered that the appearance of “yeehaw Tifa” , Tifa’s appearance with the cowgirl appearance that she has in the game’s flashback, has been modified ( when he is only 15 years old).

The objective was to adapt it to the appearance that this model will have in the sequel, Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, and that includes “retroactive censorship”, as @tifabro says, hiding the neckline.

These days, after the launch of new gameplay for Final Fantasy VII Remake, Tifa’s appearance and her, um, figure in a swimsuit was much commented on. 

Surely, this change was a coincidence to adjust the model of Tifa in the flashback of the first game to how she appears in the second, but it is still curious that some interpret this change as a retroactive censorship (for a character who is 15 years old). ).

Remember that you can try the beginning of Final Fantasy VII Rebirth for free with its demo, which has also been updated with new areas to explore and visual improvements on PS5, before its launch on February 29.

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